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What is the difference between “mentoring” and “consulting”?

A “mentorship” is a relationship in which the key goal is personal development. An individual with more experience and knowledge guides and helps a less experienced or less knowledgeable person in their particular area of expertise. The mentor has extensive experience in the area that the mentee is wanting to become more successful in. Mentoring is relationship oriented.

Coaching” varies slightly in that the coach does not necessarily have expertise in the field that their client works in. Coaching is task oriented. The focus is on particular issues such as public speaking, negotiating and strategic thinking. It tends to be more short term than mentoring.

Why would I need to carry out project management in my organisation?

Successful project management is a vital element of a successful business. It is a method of planning to deal with uncertainties that are inherent in managing projects of any size. It also takes into consideration the often limited resources and time frames that exist for most organisations when projects are being considered or are underway. BusinessAide offers expert project management consultancy for organisations of any size in and around the Melbourne region.

My sister and I have recently started a new business in Melbourne. How would we benefit from small business mentoring?

Manny Spiteri at BusinessAide offers an expert small business mentoring service that will give you access to the wisdom and experience that only comes with over 30 years in business. Together we can set objectives and direction for your business, write business plans, develop effective marketing strategies, improve time management and more.

What is succession planning?

Succession planning and strategic business planning is the process where your organisation ensures that employees are employed and then develop during their time with you to fill each key role. It is a process where you recruit the best employees, develop their skills and abilities and prepare them for progression through the organisation.

Succession planning can also involve the transition of business ownership and control from the current owner to a new owner, particularly within family businesses.

Does BusinessAide offer its business consulting services to Melbourne businesses alone, or do you provide your services elsewhere?

BusinessAide has worked with clients across Australia and overseas. We regularly provide our extensive mentoring, coaching and planning services across Victoria and, where needed, to clients throughout Australia. Whilst we are prepared to travel to wherever our business consulting services are required, modern technology has made it possible to work remotely with clients across the country or the other side of the world. Don’t wonder about whether BusinessAide’s decades of experience can benefit  your business –ask the question. Get in touch with us today and find out how BusinessAide can improve your business and boost your profits, no matter where you’re based.