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Business Mentoring and Coaching

Business coaching and mentoring are concerned with the practicalities goal setting and the achievement of pre-determined results within specific time lines.

With over 30 years’ experience, Manny Spiteri is well positioned as a Melbourne business mentor to assist you to achieve the positive results and growth your business is capable of. With extensive practical, commercial and leadership experience, Manny will share his skills and knowledge to help you achieve your business goals.

How is this done? For larger companies, executive business coaching can be most useful where there has been organisational development or changes, or where there are key staff members who need support and advice to accommodate a new role or career path. Business today functions in an ever-changing commercial climate, and as a result it is important to continue to grow individually and as a business. Rely on the professional guidance you can get through business coaching and mentoring with BusinessAide by encouraging your staff to develop both personally and in their leadership abilities, as well as focusing on the bottom line.

BusinessAide also offers executive coaching for executives and boards in Melbourne, Geelong and other centres across Victoria. To work better as a team, it is important for each individual director on that board to bring their best to the role. We cater for those who are new or prospective directors or non-executive directors as well as for existing boards that want to be more productive and successful. Coaching with BusinessAide covers the multi-faceted combination of capabilities that are required of directors today. These include skills in leadership, organisation, communication, analytical and innovative thinking and the ability to gain the trust and commitment of board members to achieve agreement and progress.

Assistance with business development is no longer reserved for senior managers or company directors. Small business mentors like Manny Spiteri can help address a number of questions or issues you may have:

  • Are you starting a new business?
  • Where do you want your business to go?
  • Have you written a business plan?
  • What are your marketing strategies?
  • Do you employ successful time-management skills?
  • Are there avenues or streams of sales and profits that you have not yet taken advantage of?
  • Are their new opportunities, products or services that you could be providing?

BusinessAide offers business coaching and business mentoring services to you, whether you are a sole trader or a large organisation, to determine what skills and qualifications need to be worked on and improved to create real and sustainable business growth.

We use a range of techniques such as one-on-one training, facilitating, counselling and networking. Our aim is to encourage our clients and their staff members to continually improve core competencies that will assist their business success.

To discover how BusinessAide can positively impact you and your business, contact us and learn how powerful business coaching and mentoring can be. In addition, business strategic planning with BusinessAide can ensure that you employ the most suitable and productive people for your organisation.