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Business Analysis and Change Management

  • ┬áDo you want to make changes to the way your organisation works?
  • Is your business growing faster than your organisational structures can cope?
  • Do you want to make your business operation more environmentally sustainable?
  • Are you moving or redeveloping your premises?
  • Do you need to reorganise your telecommunications or computer systems?

BusinessAide has developed a network of trusted service providers and skilled professionals to bring about systemic change to your business without undue disruption to your workforce or processes. We will help you manage both the financial and human resource challenges that arise when making major changes to your business infrastructure.

If your business culture is well established, any change within it can be difficult to manage and much of the time it will cause attitudinal obstruction from many stakeholders and staff members. This can be regardless of the benefits that would flow on to the business and to those working within the business.

BusinessAide believes that change is achievable with the least difficulty when key stakeholders are involved in decision making, and staff members are kept regularly up to date. Bringing in an impartial and sensitive change management expert to assist in implementing and managing the process can greatly enhance the success of the process.

As one of Melbourne’s most experienced change management consultancies, BusinessAide will help you manage both the financial and human resource challenges that arise when making major changes to the organisation and structure of your business. BusinessAide can assist to get your organisational changes right the first time, managing the process with absolute sensitivity from the start and seeing it right through to the end. Change within any organisation can create stress for all staff if not handled well.

Our change management consultancy core competencies and processes include consulting and collaborating with all key stakeholders. In doing so, we identify where the current workplace dependencies are, and establish whether there is another more efficient and ultimately successful way of structuring the organisation.

It is important to determine whether there are any potential obstructions or issues that may impact the changes that need to be made. Are there particularly entrenched procedures that will need extra attention or more time to adequately address? Are there staff members who may be hostile to a change in business structure or position descriptions? BusinessAide will work through these issues with you to forecast where these obstructions may occur and what procedures can be put in place to minimise their impact.

Clear and realistic timelines and roll-out objectives need to be established and communicated to all stakeholders and staff members. Everyone needs to know what is going to happen, when and how it will impact them. Providing continuous reviews and opportunities for staff feedback are also vital to the process.

Manny Spiteri is a change management consultant who will bring more than 35 years’ experience to your organisation. For targeted business analysis and change management advice in Melbourne, Geelong and regional centres across Victoria, contact BusinessAide. We also offer project management consultancy and business coaching and mentoring for businesses of all size.