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Executive Management

Having a permanent general manager or CEO heading a business is often critical to the success of that business, however there may be a time when an interim executive manager such as CEO or general manager is needed. This could be where there is a period of transition, crisis or change within an organisation. When this occurs, it may be unnecessary or impossible to find a permanent replacement with little notice, and there may be nobody currently within the organisation who is qualified, able or available to take on the position.

Employing an interim executive manager is increasingly common  amongst businesses and organisations in Australia. An interim CEO or other executive manager can add value by using their skills and expertise to help continue the successful management of a business, deliver a particular outcome or to solve a difficult issue within the organisation. The experience of Manny Spiteri enables him to be productive and make an impact from the beginning.

The interim executive management concept is a relatively new one, but has taken a firm hold in Australian business advisory services such as BusinessAide. Our high profile and qualified interim executive managers (including CEOs and managers) are available at short notice to take on responsibility during the periods of development, change or difficulties in an organisation. The benefits of interim executive management are many and varied and extend beyond the time the interim manager is with you. Your staff get to know your new management and can take on the knowledge, experience and best practice that is applied whilst the interim manager is in the role, adding real and lasting value to your organisation.

For executive management services, business mentoring and coaching, or business analysis and change management, you can rely on the experience and commitment of Manny Spiteri and BusinessAide, working with businesses in Melbourne and Geelong and in regional centres right across Victoria.